About us

I have been a fan of bodysuits for as long as I can remember. Wherever I shopped, this piece of clothing always caught my eye; I felt confident and feminine in a well-chosen bodysuit.
I believe that a carefully tailored, minimalist bodysuit made of quality materials can never be a bad choice and can be very easily combined with the rest of your wardrobe.
Bodysuits have become very popular in recent years, but I have noticed that not many brands pay attention to the fact that their bodysuits are really comfortable, durable and really wearable.
And this was the point where the ZIBODYS story began. I wanted to wear a bodysuit that has a unique, timeless style, but is also very comfortable, so I started experimenting with countless different materials and cuts in order to create my own bodysuits without compromise.
This is how the first ZIBODYS collection was finally born, where, to my greatest delight, returning customers proved the need for clean, classic style and comfort together.